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Had my generator serviced as per the contract by the installer in Feb. March snowstorm here i Rochester NY and the engine is done.

It bent pushrods and BROKE the rocker arms.Remember only 72 hours of running time. So much for the greeting when you call about countless hours of peace of mind with a backup generator.After a week they decided to furnish a new engine, I had to pay to remove old one and reinstall the new one. I was not happy with that at all.

They were just saying we understand but we all know that is just a canned response more corporate america BS. Now I have to pay again to have it installed or else my investment is completley gone NOT HAPPY.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1189022

I bought 5 GP17500's for a construction in Spring 2016. Within 200 hours (about two months) have had three exhaust valves seize in cylinder head.

3 units out of 5 units, seized valve, major engine failures. Generac will not acknowledge the issue and the authorized repair center says he has no idea why. These units have had their valves adjusted and oil changed. They are ran 6 days a week.

They are far from industrial quality. Refuse to deal with Generac anymore. Will never buy another one of their products. Also had an coil fail (engine miss), loose wire to the the anti-diesel solenoid (no start), oil cooler leak (as delivered from generac, the day I received the unit) Need about two more months of use from these units then they will be sold.

Oh and I have paid for all the repairs. Junk.

London, Ontario, Canada #952570

put heater kit in for cold starts


Sounds like a long power outage when it failed. Is installer listed as active dealer on Generac.com?

Did you work on unit yourself before warranty tech arrived? Had anyone touched valve train 'servicing' it? If under 2 yrs old on residence or 1 yr commercial site warranty would be good if installed by guidelines. Never seen one destroy itself unless someone wrongly 'adjusted' the valves.

Only can suggest once a system is installed run it loaded for 24, check fluids, run it another 24, check & run twice more. Challenge the warranty, most infantile failures occur under 50, some longer like yours.

Find if it has weakness in good weather so it can be fixed in good weather not during blizzard @ 2AM. Have lawyer send communication on his letterhead if you had proper warranty and real dealer.

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