Bought a Generac 5383 generator in late 2008 for $7,300. It has shot sparks out of my bedroom wall, made my lights burn 2-3 times brighter than normal when turned on, buzzed and scared the *** out of me.

I have a lot of electronic and need a functional backup. The company that installed and serviced it didn't respond when I told them I was scared of it and was turning it off. I asked if that would cause problems and damage the system. NO REPLY.

Now in 2013 the thing is dead as a doornail and I'm informed that it needs a new battery charging circuit board to the cost of about $500. WHAT? This generator has only run a total of about 4-5 hours.

I feel I was sold a lemon. I can't trust it and don't want to sink more $$$ into it.

Monetary Loss: $7300.

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I can't comment on your sparks problem as I'm not there to trouble shoot it, but It does sound like something was not done properly in the original installation. As far as the Battery.

If you got 5 years out of the battery your doing pretty well. Once the battery was so bad off it wouldn't take a charge that is what damaged the trickle charger in the generator.

We change out the batteries every 3 years for our customers. Your servicing dealer should have at least tested the battery every year when they serviced it.

Punta Gorda, Florida, United States #609537

If sparks are shooting out of your outlets and your lights are burning bright the electrical wiring done on the install is incorrect and very dangerous. You should have a licensed electrician check the wiring and correct it immediately!

to elec37 #614013

your problem is not your generator, the problem is it was installed improperly... for 7,300 it is impossible to do it correctly unless they work for free.

Im sorry my friend but the blame comes down on you... you should have checked the companies qualifications before hand,.

but rest assure you are not alone many people are going threw the same thing of not hiring qualified generac techs.

I sell millions and sell generators between 13 thousand and 70 thousand depending on what size but have never sold a gen installed by code and generac specs for 7,300 impossible unless you hire a chuck in a truck company...

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