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Update by user Aug 02, 2016

Update #3. August 2, 2016.

Another seized valve at 331 hours. Bent pushrod, no compression. Engine failure #5 is in the log book. The Generator I took to the "Generac Service Center" almost two weeks ago for no electrical output still has not been diagnosed other than "it has no output" and I will get to it maybe by the end of this week.

Great service, Great product Generac.

Two email to customer service in the last week were unanswered. Thanks a lot

Update by user Jul 26, 2016

Update #2. Another exhaust valve seized in a cylinder head today, not a repeat but a different machine.

Bent pushrod again. On site repair performed by me, not a Generac approved service center. I don't have time for your games. July 26, 2016.

I have learned to repair these in less than an hour. I have a supply of pushrods and valve cover gaskets in my truck. Quicker than I can take the 500 lb machine via elevator from the 6th floor down to a truck and load it, it's fixed. The repair is not difficult or expensive for me.

Time consuming and frustrating is appropriate. These engines have a flaw which causes a varnish to build on the exhaust valve stem. This creates the valve seizure resulting in failure. Generac must be aware.

I have had too many failures == 4 out of 10 cylinders have failed in 300 hours. Can you imagine a car company that turned out a product which had 40% failure rate in the first couple thousand miles of use. That product is exactly what Generac has sold to the public. Come on Generac, talk to me.

I have performed your maintenance, justify what is happening. I am an ASE Master Technician, Retired team leader for GMC, Pontiac, Buick, Hyundai and Isuzu dealership, specialist in engine repair with over 25 years of experience. I have the factory certifications and a college degree as an honors graduate in Automotive Technology.

I have been an expert witness in my field but I have never done it for my own behalf. When you upset the wrong crowd, they will love reading this.

Update by user Jul 23, 2016

Forgot to mention that yesterday I bought another generator to take to the jobsite to substitute for the one sitting in the repair shop. Guess what?

It is not a Generac! My leaking oil cooler video won't load.

Original review posted by user Jul 23, 2016

Bought 5 GP17500E generators in the spring of 2016 to run welders on a construction project. The failures keep coming.

Have had 3 seize exhaust valves causing major engine damage. One had a coil go out. One had a connector come loose to the anti-diesel solenoid causing a no start. These units are ran 6 days a week, each is not around 300 hours of operating time in about two months.

Currently one is at the Generac service center as it no longer has electrical output. When these special ordered units arrived, one had a leaking oil cooler (see video) one had flat tire, one had dead battery (do they even check tires and batteries before shipping, these were direct shipped from factory!!) 4 out of 5 had incomplete or incorrect hardware kits. I have paid for all work to be completed, generac even refused to ship a replacement oil cooler direct to me. I understand that they want everything taken to their service center.

I don't have time to wait, that is my choice. My complaint is that these units are powered by an engine called "industrial" and they are not industrial quality. Junkerac is an appropriate term. I took a few pics when the first engine stuck a valve.

After the third one it is now a ho-hum event and almost anticipated. It is not the cost as much as we need them to run. Generac won't discuss failures directly with me. The local service center owner states he does not know why the failures are happening.

We are using the generators to power welders for welding structure on the 6th floor of a new hotel in Houston. I can imagine the disappointment of folks who count on these machines to run their home during a loss of power.

Product or Service Mentioned: Generac Power Systems Gp17500e Generator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Product quality, Warranty policy, Will not deal with consumer, Will not support dealer, Dealer not happy with product.

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i thought the quality suffered, now i am sure


Generac is junkerac. Look at this piece of garbage they won't help with:


To the idiots that commented below, any manufacturer is going to tell you to take it to a service dealer because they cannot determine what is wrong with your product from the crappy information you may or may not provide to them over the phone. Use your common sense. Generac will stand behind the product if the issue is actually a product defect and NOT a user error.

to Anonymous Groveton, Texas, United States #1227260

I have never known Generac to stand behind anything. I was doing a start up for Generac.

Opened up the transfer switch found a busted arc shield. Called Generac with the numbers for a new shield. I was told not a good number,not a Generac product.

Told them you just shipped it to me.They hung up the phone. Never did get the shield.

Terrell, Texas, United States #1190488

Generac won't reply, especially with anyone who has authority to assist (financially or technically). Their customer service should be a recording directing you to take the unit to a certified repair center.

May it be a few hundred miles or around the corner, it does not matter. Then you will wait...a long time.....and you will have to pay to have it fixed. Typical reasons for warranty to be decline: overloaded, not maintained, maintenance with non-factory parts, owner attempted repairs.

That will be your outcome 24/7/365. Guaranteed

Terrell, Texas, United States #1189392

Generac has a marketing ploy that is entrenched, bought and paid for. They have zero concern for service or support of their product.

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