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I bought this item at Lowe's in Canada (Toronto) in May, 2015. I paid $700 for it because for some reason, I thought it was supposed to be a heavy duty machine. I had an electric Karcher for years which was quite reliable, but I wanted more power, so I bought this heavy duty gas unit.

First of all, they won't disclose or give you a parts manual or specs of any kind. I had to contact them twice just to determine oil capacity and spark plug model. I know I could have just checked the unit for the spark plug, but that information should be readily accessible in a manual.

Secondly, I used the unit maybe 4 times in total. Nevertheless, I changed the oil as per their recommendations. Regardless, each time I have used it, after 30 minutes or so, it sounds like it wants to stall, and twice, it did stall. The other 2 times, I turned it off myself.

Thirdly, at least twice, the starter rope did not recoil. The first time, I was able to get it back in, but the last time, it refused. This happened, while I was in the middle of cleaning my bbq and driveway. So that was done.

I contacted customer service, who were nice enough the first time (that was 4 days ago) and who said that I could either take it in for servicing or they could send out the part (it is still under warranty). I contacted them yesterday to see how soon I would receive the part (starter recoil assembly), and was told that they haven't even prepared the order for shipment!

So, I take apart the recoil assembly to see what the problem is. Of course, this $700 heavy duty pressure washer, which you would expect to be built with rugged parts, has a little piece of plastic to grip on to the starter pulley. And that little piece of plastic, of course, is what broke. And this is an AMERICAN company. Could they not have used metal for such an important part? Should they not have shipped this $20 part out right away? Is that expecting too much? If I bought a cheap piece of junk, I could understand - you get what you pay for, but $700 for a pressure washer is a lot of money, when most are under $300. I won't be buying Generac again.

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