I have a portable generator hooked up to a Generac manual transfer switch to power some of the appliances in power outage situations. I recently talked to my neighbor who has the same setup and he said that he has a Neutral switch kit installed for the transfer switch.

The purpose for this Generac 6297 Neutral kit is to Preserve the integrity of the generator ground fault protection system by isolating the utility and generator neutrals.

Anyway this kit has been discontinued and I cannot find this anywhere and that's why I called Generac to see if there are any kits available or if there are replacement made by Generac.

I called their customer service line (888-436-****) and selected under homeowner/portable generator and accessories inquiry. The rep could not find the product and transfered me to another rep. The second rep came on and I had to explain the whole situation again and he then asked me questions like:

1 - Why are you calling this line, what number did you call? This is a customer service line and it is not the right place to order parts (which I explained to him that I was transferred by the 1st rep).

2 - Did an electrician install your transfer switch, then why didn't he recommend the neutral switch?

3 - Why don't you ask your neighbors electrician (and I explained to him that his was installed years ago and the kit is now discontinued)

After he talked down to me, he put me on hold and came back few minutes later and said the kit has been discontinued (which I knew and has told him) and rudely suggested me to talk to my electrician and ask them to do "what I wanted to do".

Very rude and I am speechless.

If the CR in my company does this, they would have been fired long ago. 1 star rating is far too generous but that's the lowest available.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Generac Power Systems Cons: Being talked down to by customer service.

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