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I bought my 14KW in the summer of 2012. I told the dealer I was rebuilding my house after a "Fire" and I also said I was looking for something to use on my LP because I won't have power until the house is done.

I told the dealer I was just run my saws and my well. The dealer said no problem it will do your whole house. I bought the 14 KW and I hooked it up & we had to use it manual. I was really happy with this no more gas cans.It was about 2 mouths and it died and said LOW VOLTAGE.

I call Generac and they said you have no warranty you ran it off grid. The company I bought the 14KW from denied telling me it was OK. My reply was who would take a chance on loosing your warranty after you pay $3400.I call the warranty office and was told to get a licensed dealer to look at it.The repair man said take pictures it was a manufacture defect.The company rep told me to pay this and I would have my warranty reinstalled.I have about 28hrs. on the repair and it is down again.I have taken it apart myself and I know why it is happening.I made contact with Generac and tried to get them to call me.

I have pictures to show the problem and if anyone wants to fix your own let me know. If you have seen the brushes after they are taken out they're a mess.

Generac hides behind the thought we will give up on are money instead of thinking their mite be something wrong. my Email randyhansonconstruction@gmail.com

Monetary Loss: $3400.

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West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #921629

besides the good points the other commentor makes, you also admit you took it apart yourself? if it HAD been under warranty you would have just voided your own warranty as you're not a licensed repair facility for the item in question.

hopefully they make it right for you. good luck =/

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #821275


I am sorry for your trouble. Your dealer should have known that any and all off grid use is strictly against Generac's warranty.

They have designed a unit specifically for this use. The intent of these is simply standby emergency power. I understand why customers get upset with us dealers, but we run into issues with Generac if we attempt to work on units you purchased from Lowes or Home Depot. The problem is that Generac will not pay us for our time because we did not sell the unit.

It is a bad setup and makes us dealers look terrible. I tell all my customers do not buy from big box stores, the price may look good but the hidden troubles you will run into do not make it worth while.

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