Product:Generac EcoGen 15 kW

Warranty:3 years or 2,000 hours

Purchase date: 12/04/2017

Cost with Installation: $7,166.71

Installation date: 12/16/2017

Authorized Dealer: White Rhino Electric

Property Info:Off-grid solar, No utility power

Solar panels:2.7kW (3x3 300W each)

Batteries:Valence Lithium 12V 138A config: 27kWh 552Ah 51.2Vdc(4sx4p)

MPPT: Midnite Solar Classic 150 config: Input-Output 60A DC breakers

Inverter/Charger: Schneider Conext 5.5kW XW+ Config: 48Vdc 240Vac Split phase60A AC breakers from generator60A AC breakers to house


05/23/18544hr VSCF field loss (code:1059) Broke down, does not work, called dealer.

05/31/18Ryan and Generac support diagnosed faulty stator (placed on order).

06/22/18Replaced stator, did not fix problem, ordered AVR (black box), new brushes.

07/18/18Replaced AVR – working

07/31/18Emailed Ryan about intermittent vibration, still working okay.

08/23/18Stopped working, stator bolts broken and stator rotated slightly. Dealer out of town on business.

Ordered bolts.

09/20/18Took generator to their shop as they did not have parts or equipment onsite.

10/01/18Text for status – no response

10/03/18Text for status – no response

10/08/18Text for status – no response

10/26/18Text for status – no response

10/29/18Reply from Ryan stating that the rotor slip rings were completely tore up and he suspects the rotor was out of balance which caused the bolts to break.

11/19/18Text for status – no response

11/xx/18Phone call from Ryan saying that the factory was sending a complete rotor, stator, and AVR to replace the bad one. Unsure how long it would take to receive, install, and deliver. I asked him to give the generator a good run to make sure it had no issues.

01/14/19White Rhino Electric reinstalled the Generac 15kW EcoGen but was missing the skirt trim and front metal brace. Generator is working fine.

01/18/19Picked up missing parts from their shop and reinstalled them.

05/05/19Generator shut down with same failure as last time: VCCF Field Loss Alarm Code 1059.

It had 467.2 hours of use on the new repair. I called White Rhino and Ryan stated that I should call Generac and get someone more qualified to work on it. My impression is that he no longer wants to work on this model. I called Generac and talked with Robin who informed me that the warranty did not end until 12-18-2020.

She gave me several other authorized dealers to contact. Generac did not want to work with me directly.

05/05/19Talked with Amanda at Lenz Electric, Jacob will come out on May 7, 2019.

05/07/19Jacob determined that the alternator was bad and that he would have to order a complete alternator in order to fix it. He had verified that the AVR (black box) was not the problem as he had tried a new one just to be sure.

06/14/19Called Jeremy and he stated that he would be out to fix the Generac on 6-20-2019.

06/20/19Talked to Amanda at Lenz Electric (1455 hrs.), she stated that Jeremy is having warranty issues with Generac. He was supposed to fix the generator today around noon but is a no-show.

Amanda said that Jeremy would send an email or call back to let me know what is going on.

07/01/19Amanda from Lenz Electric called at 9 am to schedule repair for 9am on 07/09/19.

07/09/19Called Lenz Electric at 10:20am for no-show. Jacob showed up at noon but was not there to repair the generator. He was there to take pictures of the generator set up, the transfer switch, the generator power entry into the garage, the inverter/charger, solar panels, and the battery bank. He stated that Generac wanted to make sure that the installation was not faulty.

Jacob also stated that he did not see any problem with our solar/generator system. We are completely off-grid and rely mainly on solar for house power.

07/17/19Talked to Jeremy from Lenz Electric and was told that he had emailed Generac and was waiting for their response to the pictures Jacob had taken and the status of the warranty.

07/19/1910:05 am, talked to Amanda who called Jeremey and he said that he was waiting for a final review the status.

07/23/19Called Lenz Electric and Jeremy stated that Generac voided the warranty based on the fact that the propane flex hose was not supplied by Generac and that they had no pictures of the batteries. Asked Amanda to forward the Generac email to us, but they would not.

07/23/19Called White Rhino Electric and told Ryan that Generac told Lenz Electric that the installation was not to Generac code and Ryan stated that he would call Generac to verify the reason they voided the warranty as his company installed the generator and used a larger flex hose than required that is a national brand name that meets national code. He also disputed the battery issue.

I supplied him with pictures of the flex hose gas line and of the battery bank.

07/25/19Text for status – no response

07/31/19Text for status – no response

08/13/19Text for status – no response

08/20/19Received email from Ryan stating that he is still working this issue with Generac.

09/10/19Text for status – no response

09/16/19Called White Rhino Electric and Ryan stated that Generac will not honor the warranty.

So far we got less than 6 months use during the 1st year and 5 months use in the next half year. The warranty is cancelled with more than 1 year and 1000 hours of use left. The engine works fine, so the oversized flex gas line has nothing to do with the bad alternator.

My guess is that this generator is not designed to be used for more than 500 hours. All of this work and parts were performed by an authorized Generac dealer.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $7166.

Preferred solution: Repair it or replace it under warranty.

Generac Power Systems Pros: It will run fine for about 500 hours, Initial service was good, Looks nice.

Generac Power Systems Cons: Unreliable, Slow repairs, Look for reasons to void the warranty, Do not stand by their product, Dies at around 500 hours.

Location: State Road 59, Waukesha, WI 53189

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